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Thursday, January 7, 2010

What is internet

Simply internet is defined as network of networks. Lets explain internet with a very simple example suppose we have two computers in a room which are connected by a wire and we can share data within the two computers now this is called a network. suppose now one computer is in Asia and the other computer is in America which are connected by different means wired or wireless and we can share among those two computers then it is said to be in the internet. Hence internet can be defined as network of networks. in order for the two computers to communicate with each other we should gave computer there respective name which is know as IP address. so by the help of ip address we can communicate with any computers across the globe hence ip address should be unique. But remembering the long ip address of any site is very difficult hence we name then like http://www.google.com/ and it becomes easier for us to remember, which is translated to ip address by DNS Server.

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