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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Communication Technology in Nepal

Nepal is a third world country which is still underdeveloped in terms of infrastructure and poverty. Country is still recovering from a long civil war and the infrastructure development is very slow. The infrastructure in the main cities is also not up to the international standard.  Well that leads us to a big question where does it stand in terms of communication technology?

Surprisingly the answer is great, the country has lots of option in terms of communication technology. Being a relatively small country with around 26 million population, the penetration for mobile telephony is around 90 %. There are six nationwide operators working all across the country. Nepal Telecom and Ncell are the biggest operators of the country with almost 90% share of the market.

The operators are using the latest technology that are available in the world market. Currently Nepal have WiMAX, HSPA +, Edge, EVDO, GPRS etc which are also used by most of the major developed countries. The operators are also planning to roll out LTE in the year 2015.
The terrain of the country is very much diverse, Nepal has Plain lands, hills and mountains scattered all across the country. Deploying communication in the mountainous regions is very much difficult. But the operators especially Nepal Telecom (Government Organization) is able to deploy communication technology in these regions.

Hence what we can say that being an underdeveloped country like Nepal in terms of infrastructure development. It stand outs in the field of communication technology with major developed countries.


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